Packing Material

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But the damage does n’t have to be tolerated, and there are various types of protective packaging that can help including packing peanuts, padded separator sets, bubble bags, packing foam, and packing paper. Learn the differences between all these packing products and how and when to use each one.
Packing peanuts are also called foam peanuts, and although a foam- based product, belong to a category of their own. Packing peanuts resemble the shape of a peanut within its shell but are close to unshelled peanuts in size. Here’s a little bit more about this type of protective packaging.
Bubble bags, also called bubble wrap bags, are a type of packaging composed of bubble wrap. While bubble wrap can take many forms, bubble bags are the most prominent one. These are bag-like formations constructed of continuous, little air- filled sacs that cushion items wrapped in them. Here are some other things to keep in mind about bubble bags.
Packing paper is a specialized paper used as a protective packaging method. It’s far more dense and sturdy than the average paper used for writing, and it can take the form of butcher paper, craft paper, and other kinds. It’s typically available as rolls. Here’s some more information on packing paper.

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